This list tells you the perfect way for a food lover and life adventurer to enjoy Copenhagen.

  1. LêLê Street Kitchen // City

    LêLê Street Kitchen // City

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    The breakfast here is glorious, especially the salmon tartar and the pâté. This came included with my stay at Hotel Alexandra, which I highly recommend as well.

  2. Frederiksberg Mansion

    Frederiksberg Mansion

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This B&B, located on a street filled with gorgeous mansions, is a perfect spot for a luxurious night away. The staff is friendly, the mansion is exquisite, the breakfast is beautiful, and the feeling of waking up here divine.

  3. Nyhavn


    Copenhagen, Denmark

    A trip to Copenhagen is not complete without a stroll through Nyhavn. I can never get over the colorful buildings along the canal and the rush of people walking down the cobblestone streets. Walk through it at sunset for an especially beautiful experience.

  4. Grod


    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Grød is a new take on porridge of all kinds: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had the chicken ginger rice pudding with cilantro, green onions, peanuts, and a delightful sauce. It's located on one of the best food streets in Nørrebro.

  5. Paludan Bog & Café

    Paludan Bog & Café

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This is a must for an afternoon coffee or tea. Paludan Bog & Cafe is a book shop/ library where you can enjoy the books on the shelves while enjoying drinks, food, or desserts. I had a cappuccino and the most delicious strawberry torte.

  6. Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in Copenhagen. Walk through the palm house, stroll through the gardens, stop and read on a bench or sip wine in the grass.

  7. Bang & Jansen

    Bang & Jansen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This cafe, once a pharmacy, is now a haven for the stylish and unique of Copenhagen. The cafe provides delicious breakfast and brunch in an environment that blends antique with cool and curated for a cozy morning with friends or solo.

  8. Atelier September

    Atelier September

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This spot is divine. The atmosphere is upbeat and friendly, the food magnificent, and the overall feeling of sitting in this cafe with the buzz of Copenhagen all around you is unmatched.

  9. Hotel Alexandra

    Hotel Alexandra

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This hotel focused on Danish design from the 1950s and 1960s is a lovely spot for a stay in Copenhagen. The staff is incredibly welcoming, the rooms are lovely, the breakfast was well worth the extra cost, and the overall experience was cozy and comfortable. A must for your next trip to Copenhagen.


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