Shanghai, China

Shanghai embodies everything about old and new China. A bustling metropolis, it's got something for everybody.

  1. Nan Xiang Man Tou ( Kai Lu Dian )

    Nan Xiang Man Tou ( Kai Lu ...

    Shanghai, China

    This two story restaurant is filled with locals. You go in and order before sitting down and handing your receipt to a server. Service is fast and the soup dumplings are excellent. They also serve plenty of other dishes... if you know what to ask for!

  2. Fu Chun Xiao Long ( Yu Yuan Lu )

    Fu Chun Xiao Long ( Yu Yuan...

    Shanghai, China

    This beautiful garden is full of historic buildings and lovely landscaping. I loved spending time here, immersing myself in the art of the old buildings and appreciating the details. It's a nice spot to get away from the busy that is Shanghai and an excellent spot for people watching!

  3. People's Square

    People's Square

    Shanghai, China

    This park is a lovely respite from the bustle of Shanghai. There are lotus ponds, rides, snacks, and shady spots to sit and relax. I loved watching the aunties & uncles play cards, gamble, and just generally enjoy the sunshine and cool park breezes.

  4. Nan Jing Lu Bu Xing Jie

    Nan Jing Lu Bu Xing Jie

    Shanghai, China

    Walk along this bustling street in the evening. There's tons of excellent shopping, lots of people, street vendors, Popsicle sellers, and more. Near the Bund, which marks one end of this street, it's so busy that the police direct foot traffic: Walk one direction on one side of the street and another direction on the other!

  5. Dong Fang Ming Zhu Cheng Shi Dian Shi Chuan Bo You Xian Gong Si

    Dong Fang Ming Zhu Cheng Sh...

    Shanghai, China

    This building is a must visit! The most notable and distinct building on the Shanghai skyline, you haven't visited Shanghai if you haven't been here! No but really, come by for a selfie with the building at dusk when it's crowded with tourists and the lights are on.

  6. Yang’s Fry Dumplings

    Yang’s Fry Dumplings

    Shanghai, China

    I wasn't able to find this place, but damn these look good! The dumpling place located in this spot had no English name or letters, but was excellent.

  7. Riverside Promenade

    Riverside Promenade

    Shanghai, China

    Walk along the riverside and get a good view of the Bund. This side of the river is much more quiet than the Bund and a good comparison (plus, go here for a more romantic and relaxed evening). It's near the Oriental Pearl Tower.

  8. Propaganda Poster Art Centre

    Propaganda Poster Art Centr...

    Shanghai, China

    Interesting and different collection of historic propaganda posters located in a tiny museum made up of only a few small rooms.

  9. Nánxiáng Steamed Bun Restaurant

    Nánxiáng Steamed Bun Restau...

    Shanghai, China

    Get the huge soup dumpling filled with crab roe soup and sip the steamy broth out of the dumpling with a straw! Don't worry about the line for this place and make sure to get one of each of the three things they serve here


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