Hangzhou, China

Known as the "Silicon Valley" of China, this city is a tech hub that's booming with culture and beauty.

  1. China National Tea Museum

    China National Tea Museum

    Hangzhou, China

    The Chinese tea museum offers beautiful views of the tea fields and some fun info about how the tea is made. We did a tea tasting with one of the ladies, who walked us through each of the different ages of the tea leaves and how each tastes. Fun!

  2. Qinghe Lane

    Qinghe Lane

    Hangzhou, China

    This historic street is full of ancient buildings and mouth watering street food. Wander in and out of old medicine shops, watch tea makers prepare tea leaves, and buy a few knick knacks to bring home.

  3. West Lake

    West Lake

    Hangzhou, China

    This large lake in the middle of the city is the namesake for Hangzhou and the main meeting place for the city's 8 million residents. Escape from the heat near the water, watch locals play cards under the trees, and enjoy a Popsicle from a nearby vendor before getting on a boat and going for a paddle around the shore. Excellent views of the city skyline paired with beautiful views of the mountains and lots of clean lake water.

  4. He Fang Jie

    He Fang Jie

    Hangzhou, China

    This historic street is well preserved and walking down the cobblestone streets is like stepping back in time. Stock up on sweets, handcrafted fans, and other beautiful souvenirs.

  5. Xixi National Wetland Park

    Xixi National Wetland Park


    This park is an excellent place to explore. It's full of fabulous waterways, brimming lotus ponds, and tons of birds that you can hear singing away. Full of greenery, it's no surprise that this huge park is a regular respite for locals living near and far.

  6. Angsana Hangzhou

    Angsana Hangzhou


    This modern, classy hotel has lots of personality, flair, and fun. With a rooftop pool, color coded floors, and a breathtaking chandelier in the entry way, this is a memorable spot. My favorite thing? There are two excellent Paul Frank inspired rooms... for adults! It's the epitome of cute, kid inspired trends that's popular in China.

  7. Banyan Tree Hangzhou

    Banyan Tree Hangzhou


    This hotel is absolutely excellent. The property is breathtaking and the rooms are each truly a treat. You live in luxury here and there is not a single detail that has not been considered.


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